Sunday, January 2, 2011

By the Artist's Hand

The Artist picks up the paintbrush with the experienced ease of One whose fingers have created many masterpieces. Though the canvas before Him is blank, He already knows how the curling swells of the brush will work to display His vision for this piece. The paintbrush submits to His seasoned hands willingly, following His direction with guided strokes. The paintbrush is unaware of everything the Artist wishes to express through this piece and finds itself dipped in unexpected colours as the Artist confidently continues to paint His vision. Arcs and swirls, stippled lines and blending colours begin to reveal pieces of a greater picture. The depths of the shadows and the dimensions of the shading add life and definition to the forming shapes.
As the paintbrush works in obedience to the Artist’s leading, He can create exquisite displays of art beyond replication – but on its own, the paintbrush lays dormant. It cannot create on its own – cannot coax the colours into such perfect array or steady itself to master the most intricate details. If the paintbrush opposes the vision and direction of the Artist, the painting becomes unrecognizable as the beautiful colours smear into distorted streaks. It is only by the hand of the Painter that the masterpiece takes form.

Lord, let 2011 be Your blank canvas, and I the willing paintbrush for You to use to fulfill Your vision for this year.


  1. I just read a quote from James Mulholland's book "Praying Like Jesus", and I thought of this post. The quote goes like this:

    What is the will of God? We often make this a selfish search. What does God want for me? What is the best path for me? However, in the context of kingdom of God, seeking God's will is always discerning our role in making earth as it is in heaven.