Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Shallows pt. 2


Almost of its own accord, my body propelled itself forward, submerging beneath the Waves, which folded in on each other as they closed above my head. For a moment I held my eyes clenched shut, afraid to open them; afraid I’d made the wrong choice. Slowly my lids fluttered open and I beheld the endless Depths which yawned before me. There was a calmness within the Water; a calm which soothed my anxieties and steadied my frantic heart. As I hung suspended in the Water’s embrace, I discovered that I could breathe beneath its surface. The Water traced down my nostrils and flooded my lungs. It went down smooth and warm rather than wreaking a burning sensation as one would expect. Once the water infiltrated the hollows of my chest it began to bleed through my porous lungs, spilling forth over my ribs and spreading throughout my limbs. The inward washing brought revival to the worn sinews and weak muscles of my weary bones. New energy sprouted within.
With slight trepidation I cautioned a stroke with my arms, testing the feel of movement. My courage bubbled like the air pockets which wove their way around my fingers and journeyed upwards.
Was it upwards?
All sense of direction had been lost, with no concept of discerning up from down or left from right. The only direction remaining was simply forward.
With more confident strides I pulled myself through the deep Blue.
Shadows began to form before me as I slid weightless through the Water. They moved, twisting from unrecognizable shapes into morphed silhouettes. At first, I perceived it to be a wall erected below the surface, but as I drew near the wall began to grow extensions and reached out jagged fingers towards me. Clams and urchins clung to the crevices and ledges which jutted from the solid core. Light from an unknown source spilled over the dark form, illuminating all its dimensions. The wall was clothed like royalty in the finest array of colours; fish of every size, shade, and design dodged between the cracks and fed from its hands. The limitless breadth of it could not be captured by means of measurement. I remained motionless for a moment, absorbing the brilliance of the beauty before me. The wall plunged far below, deeper than the eye could see. I gently caressed the pocked coral and held myself in wonderment of such majestic display.
I followed the wall and was enraptured by the minute details – some so small I would miss them if I weren’t searching, and many more for certain I’d mistakenly bypassed. A crab the size of my thumbnail scurried out from the overhang in a narrow canopy of rocks and a fish no bigger than my finger glinted golden with a vibrant blue tail.
Mesmerized, I was ignorant of the arching shadow which crept over me and only when it loomed against the mighty wall was I stirred from my oblivion...

(To Be Continued...)

The Waters of God are calm and soothing; reassuring and accepting. There is a peace and tranquility that enfolds as you surrender yourself in its embrace. Breathing deep of the Water brings resurrection of life to the distraught or heavy laden and births hope to triumph despair.
It’s so easy to lose yourself in the wonder and awe of God’s character. The deeper you go, the more you experience the levels of who He is and what He can do; you come face to face with a royalty lathered in rich beauty, you discover a God who is incomparably vast yet mindful of the most delicate details, and you realize the impossibility of attempting to limit Him in any way.


  1. Lovin' it! This could be a devotional book in the making! Mr Roleman would be quite pleased I for me, I say keep it coming, I am captivated.

  2. Me too! How far you've come from our little writing group nights.

  3. thanks for the encouragement! it feels good to write again...